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Flying Mystics is an instrumental trio based out of Atlanta. .. Shamanic journey, sonic healing, higher consciousness and world music are common descriptions of their unique sound. Aquarius Magazine  calls the group "Musical Shamans, instrumental and technical precision while maintaining an artistic and creative flow makes their recorded and live work an experience of transcendence, magic and wonder."

They present their original and transporting music as an offering to the listener.  The synergistic sound these three accomplished musicians create, according to writer  Glenn H. Mullin is  "Visionary and esoteric while remaining sensually intense and spiritually powerful"

Flying Mystics  just released their 4th cd  “ A Tale of Two Rivers” and have been touring and performing some of their new material. Whether opening for Carlos Nakai, Peter Kater,  Alex Grey Visionary Arts Festival, or  the Drepung Loseling Monks of The Mystical Arts of Tibet, Flying Mystics appeal to the spiritual roots of the world, creating music that reminds us of our mystical origins.

Flournoy Holmes  - flutes, drums, percussion

Zepi Morelli - guitar, kalimba

Todd Roderick - drums, percussion